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Autonomous last-mile logistics

                             is the newest generation of delivery services that uses autonomous robots

to transport goods more

effectively and safely 

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Vaive Logistics  



Delivery Robot-as-a-Service

Provision of the autonomous delivery robot named Ona

Integration of Ona within the customer's Transport Management System

Maintenance after deployment

Training of robot fleet supervisors to ensure successful robots' operations

Ona's insurance

Our Ona in action

Our mission

Vaive's mission is to increase the economic & environmental sustainability of cities by leveraging robotics and autonomous vehicle technology to transform the way goods are transported

Our vision

Vaive envisions a future where autonomous vehicles play a significant role in reshaping the logistics and transportation industries, creating more efficient, sustainable and convenient solutions for delivery

Our goals

Vaive aims to advance the development and deployment of our autonomous vehicles for goods transportation by improving technology, expanding partnerships and scaling up our operations

Working with the Best Partners

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